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March 1, 2017
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The Remarkable Life of Luis Moses Gomez


Authors and Editors: Jonathan Schorsch, Andrée Aelion Brooks, Ruth K. Abrahams
Introduction: By Robert Jacobs
Release Date: March 2021
Softcover: 48 pages
Size: 5.5” x 8.5”
ISBN: 978-0-9982545-2-4
Published By: Flint Mine Press

Published for the Gomez Mill House Foundation, this book is a detailed account of the life of Luis Moses Gomez, a wealthy merchant and overseas trader in colonial New York. It describes his life, the background of his (still standing) Hudson Valley house in Marlboro, N.Y., now a house museum in his name, and his role in the development of the first Jewish congregation in New York City.




A wooded lane off of local highway 9W in the modest Hudson Valley town of Marlboro, NY, may at first glance be an unlikely location for the oldest Jewish-built home still standing in North America. It does not fit neatly into the popular notion of how and where Jews settled when they first came to this country. But the Jews who arrived during the colonial era were a very special breed of pioneer.

Luis Moses Gomez was one of them. And, indeed, one of the era’s great merchant success stories.

Who was Luis Moses Gomez? Where did he come from? How and why did he – with his equally capable sons – build a dwelling in the Hudson Valley of New York State, and become central players in the emerging and bustling port of New York City, not to mention leaders of New York’s first Jewish congregation?

Published for the Gomez Mill House Foundation.





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