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June 16, 2015
June 16, 2015
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MUSHROOMING ON LONG ISLAND Selected Memoirs of an Obsessed Mycophile


Author: by Dom Laudato
Release Date: December 2012
Softcover: 160 pages
Size: 6” x 9”
ISBN: 978-0-9825208-0-2
Published By: Flint Mine Press

Combining elements of history, practical experience, and more than fifty years of personal observations, MUSHROOMING ON LONG ISLAND introduces the reader, whether a beginner or experienced mycophile, to the world of mushrooms that can be found in and around New York’s Long Island. Having foraged in the parks of urban Brooklyn and Queens and the habitats in between suburban Long Island’s North and South shores, the author shares a lifetime’s worth of personal experiences and anecdotes to record the complexities of mushrooming on Long Island.


With a discerning eye and attention to detail, Laudato covers topics from the pursuit and identification of the wild mushroom, the early origins and his association with the Long Island Mycological Club, and the colorful personalities of L.I.’s local mushroom scene. He includes his adventures working as a consultant for the Long Island Poison Control Center, all the while engaging the reader with folksy, biographical commentary. The reader will experience “amateur” mycology first-hand through the eyes of a lifelong, experienced (and often obsessed) mycophile.

Complete with Laudato’s own easy to find “foolproof seven” edible mushrooms, and his personal month-by-month mushroom lists, recipes, personal photographs, notes, illustrations, color mushroom photo insert, glossary of terms, and full index, MUSHROOMING ON LONG ISLAND is sure to appeal not only to those interested in amateur and professional mycology, but to anyone who is passionate about nature.

DOM LAUDATO has spent a lifetime foraging, investigating, identifying and recording his mushroom finds while living in Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island. Laudato served as president of the Long Island Mycological Club (LIMC) for over nine years, and as “mushroom consultant” for the Long Island Regional Poison Control Center at the Winthrop University Medical Center for more than 16 years.

Dom’s account of his personal history into the arcane field of mycology can only encourage and inspire fledgling mycophiles. His seasonal listing of species emergence on his home ground of Long Island is truly impressive…His enthusiasm is genuine, and contagious. – Charles J. Hrbek, former president, Boston Mycological Club

It’s a personal account filled with entertaining anecdotes that allow the reader to learn from an expert’s experience, and enjoy a very pleasant read along the way. – Jessica Damiano, Newsday

This fun, intimate autobiography includes highlights from Laudato’s 50 years of learning and teaching about mushrooms, educating the reader along the way. – Kathi Keville, American Herb Association


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Additional Information

Weight 1.75 lbs

Dom Laudato

Release Date

December, 2012


160 pages


6” x 9”



Published By

Flint Mine Press

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